Company Overview

CONSORZIO EUROPA 2000 is a permanent consortium established in 1995 by "COLOMBO SpA" and "C.M.B. Srl", two Italian manufacturers of steel structures. Its Headquarters are located in the Colombo workshop of Como.


The purpose of the consortium is to joint the capacity, experience and expertise of the two companies, to face the challenges of the European and International markets for the design and supply of steel structures.

The focus points are the fields of Power Transmission (towers, gantries and supports for electrical substations up to 400 kV), Telecommunication (antennas), Civil and Industrial buildings and Railway Electrification (gantries and supports).


The facilities of two companies are located in Nothern Italy, near Como and Brescia. Their joint capacity exceeds the 16.000 Tons per year.


Both partners of Consorzio EUROPA 2000 are certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and other specific international standards. They are also qualified suppliers for the Italian public utilities ENEL Spa and TERNA SpA.

Outside of Italy, the Consorzio has supplied structures and services to Verbund (Austria), C.E.L. (El Salvador), EAA (Eritrea), ICE (Costa Rica), SAT (Chile), ESB (Ireland) and more.
01 COLOMBO SpA Costruzioni Metalliche
Workshop of Como
Year of foundation: 1984
Production capacity: 8.000 ton/year
02 CMB Srl Carpenterie Metalliche Brescia Workshop of Brescia
Year of foundation: 1972
Production capacity: 8.000 ton/year

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