Over the years, CONSORZIO EUROPA 2000 has integrated its traditional manufacturing activity with an engineering & drawing service ready to support all customers in the selection, design, detailing and testing of the structures.

Particularly the changes in the National and International Standars as well as the evolution of the technology and materials, are opportunities to share with the customers.

Today, thanks to our dynamic, young and highly qualified technical department, we are able to respond promptly and efficiently to the various requests of our clients. Our facility is able to develop the requested designs by proposing and building upon an architectural, technical, productive and economic solution targeted to fully satisfy the goals of our clients.

Specific experience has been gained in the field of Trasmission Lines, where our technical staff is able to develop and supervise the entire Towers design mechanical, calculation, up to the detailing; erection drawings and Tower testing.

Our engineering office is equipped with the latest softwares for structures calculation and design, bi and three dimensional drawing, detailing design and workshop drawings with an automatized generation of the machines CN Codes for fabrication.

Structural analysis

TOWER (by Power Line Inc. USA): software for lattice steel towers stress calculation and members check
SARGON (by Castalia ITALIA): dynamic and second order stress analysis
DELTA: in-house software for stress analysis and design of the lattice steel towers

Workshop and construction drawings

AutoCAD (by Autodesk): 2 -3 D technical drawing
TEKLA Structures (by TEKLA): 3D structures drawing
TECNOMETAL: application for AutoCAD for 3D detailing

CAD/CAM programs for the production

WINGECOM: preparation of the workshop punching list
TECNOMETAL: data transfer from design to NC machines and processing workshop lists
FENICE E MINOSSE: managing of CAM programs
WINSTEEL: managing of CAM programs
Tower Plans Page 1 Tower Plans Page 2 Tower Plans Page 3

Line of Electrical Towers Two Electrical Towers Electrical Tower seen from the ground

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