The production is usually allocated in one or two factories in order to maximize the benefits of the combined strength in terms of quality and delivery. All our manufacturing activities follow the procedures set up by the Quality Control Manual that, starting from the analysis of the costumer's requests and needs, guarantee the full traceability and quality during all the manufacturing process.

Continuous in line controls are forseen during the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the correctness of the operations and a homogeneous quality to the final product. An internal laboratory allows to perform tests and controls on the incoming materials as well as on the finished products.

Workshops are equipped with the most updated CNC machines and equipment, supported by CAM tools and a specialized software for orders management. Highly specialized personnel guarantee the necessary experience and practice needed to ensure the quality standards requested by our Clients.

Main equipment are

  • • 8 CNC lines fully automatized for angle and L bar cutting, punching, marking
  • • 5 CNC lines fully automatized for angle, L bar, beam, UNP, etc. cutting, drilling and marking
  • • 3 CNC lines for automatic plate punching, drilling
  • • 1CNC laser cutting machine for steel sheets 2000x4000 mm, up to 25 mm of thickness
  • • 1CNC plasma cutting and drilling machine for steel sheets 2500x15000mm,up to 40mm of thickness
  • • 1 Welding line, for structures up to 12 m length, fully automatized with an ABB robot

Hot-dip galvanization is outsourced to specialized companies, selected and pre-qualified by Consorzio Europa 2000.

Before shipping, all materials are subject to a final inspection to check the full conformity to the requested technical specifications.

Particular care is made to the packing and transportation, in order to keep the quality of the materials up the delivery site.

Assembling check and prototyping

For the new or complex projects a prototype of the structure can be made and pre-assembled on the ground, in order to check the correctness and feasibility of the design and manufacturing drawings.

Particularly for lattice towers, where mass production is forseen, prototyping is an essential activity in order to avoid problems during the assembly and erection of the towers at site.

Moreover, where a mechanical test is requested, Consorzio Europa 2000 has consolidated partnerships with tower testing stations for real scale testing in order to validate the design and the manufacturing process.

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